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Biz Basics, Legally

Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

business lawyer, online business lawyer, commercial lawyer, contract lawyer

Hi, I'm Nina, Head Lawyer & CEO at Legally With Nina.

Having owned and run 3 successful businesses since I was 21, alongside working in law with business owners over the past 8+ years, I know a thing or two about what can happen when someone wears the lawyer hat - without any real experience in the law.

That's why I created BBL. It's a guide to dealing with basic business legals, so that you don't have to spend a gajillion getting a lawyer to do it for you.

What's Covered in
Biz Basics, Legally


Business Structures

What is a sole trader, company or partnership and how does each really impact your business? Let’s find out! We go through the pros and cons of each structure so you can make an informed decision about how you set up your business. 


Protecting Your Assets

Business is risky . This is something we can’t change. But what we can do is manage that risk. We teach you about the about the 3 key ways (contacts, insurance and business structures) to reduce your risk and liability in business.


Selling Legally

Your business can’t thrive without good sales to get that money coming in the bank. But, did you know that sales are regulated? We walk you through the key sales concepts so you don’t find yourself in a sales pickle.


Scaling Your Business

There will inevitably come a time when you are ready to get support in your business and expand your horizons. We teach you what legal obligations kick in when you start employing, outsourcing and restructuring, and how to do this sustainably for long term growth.  


Dispute Resolution

Disputes don't happen frequently, but when they do - you want to be ready. We teach you how to de-escalate disputes, what steps to take to protect your position, common dispute resolution methods and when to get assistance.


Template Bundle

  1. Website terms of use

  2. Privacy policy

  3. Returns policy

  4. Contractor agreement

  5. Letter of demand

  6. Deed of settlement and release

  7. Client agreement

  8. Podcast release form

  9. Private Group rules 

  10. Non Disclosure Agreement

  11. Employment contract 

  12. Giveaway terms and conditions

Nat, A Tactile Perception

BBL was exactly what I needed for my business. I was worried initially about how complicated legals seemed, but Nina was clear, thorough, and so knowledgeable. She was able to explain complex legal issues and examples in a way that was easy to understand, and relevant for small business. The course covered everything I needed to know, and I'm so glad I took it!
Business Lawyer

Your business legals are not optional. They are a necessity.

Biz Basics, Legally gives you a unique set of skills to deal with your business legals.


You learn to set your business structure up properly, protect your personal property, make sure you're selling and scaling legally, and that you don't put yourself in a worse position when dealing with disputes.


In addition, you get the following BONUSES:

  • a bundle of core template contracts valued at over $2,000

  • 6 BONUS masterclasses from guest coaches and professionals valued at over $1,000 covering off cores business topics such as sales, GST/BAS, launching products, social media content and more.

What's Included -

Program Inclusions:

  • 12 month access

  • Over 30 lessons

  • 5 Core Modules

  • Access to exclusive BBL Group

  • Weekly Support via BBL Group

  • Module Resources


  • 6 Guest Masterclasses (Valued at OVER $1,000)

  • Bundle of 12 Template Agreements (Valued at over $2,000)


  • All of the above plus 1 additional template from our library of your choosing

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