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Legal Startup

6 Steps to starting and a running a business, LEGALLY


But getting an ABN and
creating a logo simply isn't enough to keep your business
compliant and legal.

Instead of trying to Google “how to set your business up legally” (hello information overwhelm!)...


You want a step-by-step roadmap to help you start and run your business legally from the very beginning.

Which is why I’ve created something just for you!

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I´m Nina,
Business Lawyer and Head Honcho at Legally With Nina!

My zone of genius lies in helping ambitious entrepreneurs ensure that their businesses are compliant, legal and (most importantly) protected.

I’ve worked in the legal industry for over a decade, representing and assisting many small business owners and startups to build successful empires.

It’s my mission to make starting and running a business legally accessible to all business owners because I can attest to the fact that one of the most important aspects of setting up a successful business is having solid business foundations. 


This includes your legals! 


In this FREE Roadmap I take you through 6 simple and actionable steps to help you meet the 3 essential criteria in business ownership minus the legal jargon and information overload. 


This is what I wish every business owner knew before starting and running a business and now I share it with you to help you build your own successful business legally.

xx Nina

This Roadmap is for you if...

You´re ready 

You recently started your business or are in the earlier stages of running your business and want to set your business up legally from the beginning

You're serious

You want to want a clear step-by-step roadmap to get the most important business foundations in place

You´re efficient & willing to do the work

You don’t want to spend hours googling “how to start and run a business legally” and instead want to learn from a lawyer (it’s me!) who actually specialises in business law and knows the ins and outs of business ownership

Get your FREE Roadmap below
Drop us your details and
let's get your business on the

(legal) road!
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