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Retreat Terms and Conditions

This retreat terms and conditions template is for you if plan to host a retreat. It sets out the inclusions, payment, cancellation, dispute resolution, and obligations of each party. 


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Please note that using our online services and templates does not constitute legal advice and does not create a lawyer-client relationship between you and Legally with Nina.  The template was drafted for the Western Australian jurisdiction, although it can be used in other Australian States and in other countries if you choose to do so. If you have any questions as to state specific laws, you should seek independent legal advice. This template has not been tailored to your specific business. If you require a tailored agreement to be prepared for you, you should seek independent legal advice from a lawyer in your state or country. This template is drafted in broad terms, as a starting point for your business. If you have questions about reviewing the contract template please contact get in touch to inquire about purchasing a review session. The reproduction, copying or provision of this template to third parties is strictly prohibited without authorisation from the seller, and is a breach of  Legally With Nina's copyright and moral rights.


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Retreat Terms and Conditions

Sales Tax Included
  • The template covers off:

    • Retreat inclusions
    • Payment options
    • Payment terms
    • Refunds & cancellations
    • Obligations of each party
    • Disclaimers as to liability of the host
    • plus more!


    • Provided in Word format for simple editing!
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